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"URANUS 07" is a digital art sneaker with the motif of the gas and ice planet "Uranus" (the 7th planet of the solar system). The design features a glowing blue Uranus with an extremely tilted axis of rotation at the heel. The sole has a flowing fluid form, creating the atmosphere of floating gas flowing in a fluid system. A domed platinum (Pt) is mounted on the outside of the body, and the logo of the planetary symbol of Uranus is engraved on it.
The battery is mounted on the back of the body, and when the battery is energized, the lines on the sides and the celestial body glow, creating an ingenious detail.
URANUS 07, as represented by Uranus, is a "symbol of change" that rewrites all concepts, with the hope that it will "help you see things from a new perspective".
◆ Contents
This product contains FBX files and GLB files that can be used in the metaverse.

◆ Description
This is an original 3D model designed to be used in the metaverse and to be displayed as art.

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This agreement is the same as MetaMart's terms and use.
・Usage rights are granted after purchase.
・Commercial use is not allowed.
・No copyright notice is required.
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